Monday, December 17, 2007

A week of bad connection

It's been a week of on and off internet connection for me.

When I called my local ISP to let them know about it, they told me that there were some disconnections in their physical "cable lines" resulting in the intermittent internet connections.

It all started when contractors of a major telecommunication company started installing their lines in our area. I can't believe their gross negligence for their own safety and the consequences of their work procedures. You see, they will start climbing the telephone and/or electrical post (yeah, here in the Philippines, power and telecommunications are distributed via overhead power lines) through their ladder and then navigate their way from post to post by stepping on existing telephone and/or cable lines. No safety harness whatsoever!

So here I am again waiting on an FTP upload to connect so I can update a client...for a person highly dependent on internet seems to crawl! Arggg!

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nelson said...

hi there... just passing by... nice blog site!

Liza said...

It happens often and I hate it.