Monday, August 20, 2007

My Digital Life Anywhere Without the Laptop

My Flash DiskAbout a year ago I was surfing the world wide web when I came upon this website that offers an amazing piece of software collection that redefined my computing experience-- Portable Applications .
Portable Applications let you carry your favorite application programs and your personal settings in your USB. You can then plug your USB in any computer with Windows platform and run them from there. Best of all most of these programs are free!

Now that I don't have a laptop, being able to carry my files from my home pc from my work computer (I used to be a center manager for a IT Training School) and having all my tools and utilities in my person has been a time saver!
Here is a list of portable apps that I have on my 2GB USB Flash Disk:
  1. 7-zip portable
  2. AutoRunINf Application
  3. Capture
  4. ClamWin Portable
  5. ColorPic
  6. Command Line Portable
  7. Converber
  8. EssentialPIM
  9. Filezilla Portable
  10. FireFox Portable
  11. FoxIt reader
  12. GAIM Portable
  13. GIMP Portable
  14. HoverSnap
  15. IDD
  16. Image<--> Icon Converter
  17. KeePass Portable
  18. LavaSoft Ad Aware
  19. NotePad++ Portable
  20. Notezilla
  21. OpenOffice Suite
  22. Opera Portable
  23. Password Generator
  24. Portable Sword Project (Online Bible)
  25. Scribus
  26. Thunderbird Portable
  27. TrueCrypt
  28. VLC Media Player
  29. WinHTTrack Website Copier
  30. wxdFast
  31. YBDict Dictionary
Try visiting this site to get you started with portable applications. Believe me its worth it!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Opening TAG < HTML >....

Here I am. Finally, I have decided to type in that url in my firefox addres bar that will lead me to

I don't know if one can call me a newbie. I am aware of the existence of this type of website for a long time. I have read (okay, I admit-- just browsed) a lot if not hundreds of blogs before. I am an internet user for more than 10 years now. From Mosaic way back in 1996 to firefox today, I have been routinely using the world wide web. But making my own blog...never took it seriously since my wife got hooked with it fews month back.

So here I am sitting in my computer chair, taking a break from writing some html codes ( i am a self learned web developer and trying to make a living out of it) ...typing away my first post!

So it now begins....