Saturday, December 22, 2007

[English] Language Proficiency as a Competitive Edge

In this connected, global world space is immaterial because of the technology we use. Culture of different places and people is learned thru everyday occurrences without the hassles of traveling. In a click of a finger, information is uploaded or downloaded.

But to put order and coherence to the users, language should not be a barrier. So in order to connect and be at par with the rest of the techno-savvy people, English should be used as the universal language. Otherwise, one cannot keep up with the rest of the fast, technology driven world.

It is often quoted that: “Language limits perception.” Do you agree? I personally agree. There is a term or name for every object we perceive. But if we do not have the correct language to use, it really limits our perception and eventually, expression or put simply communication.

For non-English speakers, learning how to break down the language barrier is a must. Theirs will be too parochial or limited world of interaction, if they persist not to open up to learn the universal language. Thus, English as Second Language (ESL) has to be learned or practiced.

One example of institutions which cater to this market demand is Brain Train International Language Center. This is where most non-English speaking Asians or any nationalities can learn how to take command of the English language.

Brain Train is an academe-oriented service group that opened up in 1991 with an English tutorial class. A year after that, it pioneered in conducting review classes for high school and college admission tests in the Philippines. Several clients were greatly impressed and wanted their children to always have “that Brain Train advantage” and so it extended its services by offering year-round tutorials and enrichment workshops in all subjects in all levels.

Today, Brain Train has become the most celebrated review and tutorial center not only in Los Baños but in the whole Southern Luzon. Its rock-solid reputation comes from the high University of the Philippines* College Admission Test (UPCAT**) passing rate of its students. In fact, its UPCAT batting average never goes below 70%. In addition to that, Brain Train also produces several Oblation Scholars (UPCAT Top 50) and Intarmed Qualifiers (UPCAT Top 80). Its venture in high school entrance exams has also helped in proving it is the best, because two (2) out of three (3) students from the University of the Philippines Rural High School*** (UPRHS) reviewed at Brain Train, and Brain Train reviewees also dominate the Top 10 of UPRHS entrance exam. Overjoyed parents of these successful students spread the word that they have a lot to thank Brain Train for, while former students actually convey to their peers that learning in Brain Train is so much fun. Hence, students from all parts of the Philippines are being sent by their parents to Los Baños just to get that Brain Train advantage.

With almost 20 years heritage of excellence and superior service, Brain Train has again expanded its first-rate services with its English as a Second Language (ESL) / English as a Foreign Language Center.

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