Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shopping for a Shopping Cart!

Before, one of the challenges of creating a web site for small businesses is incorporating an e-commerce functionality. I remember spending a lot of time sitting down in the front of my computer keying those PHP, ASP codes just to make a simple ecommerce software work.

Nowadays there's a plethora of shopping cart software available, the challenge, now lies in choosing the right one. Just recently, I came across Ashop Commerce. Ashop Commerce offers a complete solution for merchants to sell online. One thing that interests me was their service on hosted shopping cart software. Normally, a shopping cart is a software that you install in your web server and run in from there. Using Ashop's Hosted Shopping Cart, you don't have to install anything in your server, you can actually run the shopping cart from Ashop's hosted sites. And everything is web based, you don't have to code anything except some tweaking in HTML to add or customize your branding and layout. Ashop Commerce also provides a secure checkout system. You can try it out for yourself with their 10-day free trial and see how good their shopping cart is.

Here's a short list of their shopping cart features:

  • Web based store administration with no graphic design or HTML skills required
  • Fully web optimised structure, Page titles with keywords embedded
  • Easy shopping cart payment gateway setup (2 minutes)
  • Accept credit cards, real time payments
  • Integrated with all major banks and payment gateways
  • Offline (manual) credit card processing
  • Cheques, bank deposit
  • Create your own payment options
  • CVC (Security Code) support
  • Configurable currency symbol
  • Multi currency support
  • Google checkout integration

If you like to have a shopping cart for you site, you may want to visit