Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Joining The Green Cyber-Bandwagon

During these times when oil prices keeps on rising and the dollar is on a steady decline, you may find that your somehow high salary is no longer enough. Suddenly your $100 gasoline allowance is no longer sufficient. The times when you need to cash advance your paycheck or get some payday loan to augment or fill up those "in betweens" needs keeps on getting frequent.

For an average income family, this is a very likely scenario. But for those who have online internet access, a new revenue source is becoming popular: Blogs.

Blogs, or Web Logs, has been changing the face of the World Wide Web. Almost everyday thousands of blogs are being setup. Nowadays when you google a keyword there is a big probability that the results will point to a Blog rather than a traditional website. Blogs, most often that not, offer fresh content that search engine loves. And with high search engine rankings, blogs became a medium for money making opportunities. If you look around, a lot of top bloggers boast of five to six figures (annual) income from their blogs. Now who would not be enticed to do what they do? Not many I supposed since a lot of bloggers are joining the bandwagon.

However, blogging is not an easy thing to do. From my initial study of some prominent and significant sites in the blogosphere, blogging takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, networking, and internet marketing skills to make it work. Sometimes luck also plays a significant role.

However, for some bloggers, the intrinsic reward is more significant than the monetary rewards. They blog not because of traffic for adverts, adsense, reviews, etc. but because of the pleasure of writing their ideas, of expressing their own thoughts and opinions. For them blogging (writing) comes as a stress-reliever in this fast paced world. It is more of a journey towards self discovery and the money as they say, is just icing in the cake. …oh how I wish I can be that type of blogger!

Yeah, I wish! But back to reality: the Truth is, not everyone can really earn a fortune from blogging.

So I may still take out some payday loans from time to time. But I guess everyone can take their share of a few hundred dollars earnings if they blog seriously about it.