Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An Online Business Card for Social Networking

I chanced upon EntreCard last week, however, I managed to register and install it in my blog just yesterday. In less than 8 hours, it managed to bring me 24 unique visitor traffic. For some that may not be a huge number but for a simple cut paste of a javascript code in my blog, I can say that was significant. I still need to log into entrecard's website for a deeper "read and understand" visit so I really have not taken any other serious activity with what entrecard has to offer still the initial surge of traffic have impressed me.

From my initial browse, here's a quick look of what EntreCard is all about: "Entrecard is a blossoming social network of bloggers centered around the concept of community, sharing, and helping each other out." It's actually a sort of digitial business card, for networking and promoting your blog (or website maybe) in the EntreCard Community. It even have its own forum where its community can easily interact.

Currently I find it a worthy try and will see how it turns up in a couple of weeks.