Friday, February 8, 2008

Web Ad Protypes from Microsoft

I read this from the news this morning. The original article was written by Jessica Mintz, an AP Technology Writer. Here's a portion of the article:

"Microsoft Corp.'s online advertising researchers will spend this year teaching computers to be smart about sticking ads into video clips, and to be even smarter about targeting ads to specific Web surfers.

Microsoft showed off a handful of early-stage advertising projects at its headquarters Tuesday that may or may not turn up as part of Microsoft's Web advertising platform.

The demonstrations come just days after Microsoft's $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo Inc., which, if successful, will boost the software maker's Web traffic and online ad revenue.

The full article can be found here "

Looking at it from a blogger's perspective, I can't help to ask myself if this will be a new opportunity for us? Does this offer a better system than Google's AdSense (which is quite obvious that Microsoft is trying to take on a bigger share of the pie)?

I'm crossing my fingers.