Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What is SEO?

If you are trying to look for a particular product or service in the internet, the most common way for you to do that it is to launch your favorite browser, go to either Google or Yahoo and type away the keywords and hit the search button.

In less than a minute you are presented with millions of results, all containing the keywords you looked for. Since there are no possible way to display all those results in a single user friendly way, Google or Yahoo ranks those results in terms of relevancy to your search and display them in accordance to their rankings.

Now, I don't know about you, but normally I just browse up to the second or third pages of the search results only. If you are like me then you spent time only at the most ranked search results and those other sites are lost in oblivion.

So what does this have to do with SEO? Apparently, a lot!

If you are a web site owner, a web developer or even a blogger (...remember my wife?), you would like to have your site displayed in the first three pages of the search results. Why? because having your website land in these precious pages can drive traffic.

And SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about driving Traffic to a website. Because what's the use of a website if there are no people visiting them--get the point?

SEO includes a diverse set of activities that you can perform to increase the amount of targeted traffic that comes to your website from search engines. This activities may include things that you do to your site itself, such as optimizing its code and text or it may include communicating directly with the search engine, or other web developer to pursue listings and reciprocal links.

SEO is a long and process and requires a lot of patience. This is not simple task that one can achieve in one sitting. As I journey in my learnings with SEO , I will be posting some snippets of SEO techniques that anybody--even non-developers can do, so watch out!

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