Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Q.E.D.)!

It was supposed to mean "which was to be demonstrated" or its slang equivalent Quite Easily Done.

That's the name we gave to our newly formed, start up web design company...QED IT Solutions

However, it was nowhere close to being EASY...Believe me!

We started out as nine individuals dreaming of establishing our own business now we are down to five! The past months were spent brainstorming on how to go about the business, its mission and vision, strategy, marketing plan, etc. It was really taxing.

I thank God that at this time, were able to get our own office, personal computers without really cashing out on a big investment.

Also, we now have four clients!

The business horizon is looking good...but still not easy. Heck, it was not supposed to be least not for us...Quite Easily Done Solutions is what our clients WILL HAVE when they deal with us!